cloud server

Cloud Servers

A cloud server is implemented as an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) in the form of highly accessible and scalable infrastructure with the aim of providing and managing a wide and extensive network of virtual machines. In this type of service, infrastructure resources enjoy a high degree of stability and reliability. In the cloud server service, the increase and decrease in server resources are done immediately and automatically; and also all control processes including turning on and off, accessing the server console, restarting, etc. are provided for the users in an integrated form through the sales portal of afranet data center. Users can easily and with a few clicks create and manage their desired server.

Cloud Servers
  • Storage SSD Per 30GB 1,620,000 IRR
  • Extra RAM Per ١GB 360,000 IRR
  • FTP Storage Per 30GB 540,000 IRR
  • Rebuild 200,000 IRR
  • Storage HDD Per 30GB 540,000 IRR
  • Extra CPU Per Core 720,000 IRR
  • Extra IP (Limited&Conditional) 200,000 IRR
  • DNS Record Free